Subhandler is a library to manipulate subtitles such as those found on DVDs, SVCDs and CVDs. I.e. it is primarily concerned with bitmap subtitles as opposed to text subtitles.

The library provides functions useful to other programs that have to handle these subtitles such as loading them from their usual formats (MPEG streams, transcode PS1 files, VobSub files, submux and Philips IMG bitmaps, etc.) into a common internal format, transformation and writing most of these formats.

Since multiplexing subtitles correctly while preserving the constraints of the container stream is hard, we make no attempt to do so, we just provide support for multiplexers to do so.

We have just restarted work and there is much to do. In the meantime, we have published the old code that we had of a xine SVCD and CVD subtitle display plugin. It is available from the download area at SourceForge.

We have provided a few links to interesting information.

Access to other project resources, such as CVS, file releases, mailing lists and trackers is available from the main project page at SourceForge.

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